Mass – Feast of Corpus Christi 2015

Holy Mass will be offered at Belmont Abbey tomorrow 04/06/15 at 11am for the Feast of Corpus Christi (old calendar of course).

There will be no Mass at the Chaplaincy at 7pm.

Annual Requiem Mass Celebrated at the Chaplaincy

The Annual Requiem Mass for the deceased members of the LMS, the faithful who were attached to the Extraordinary Form and all the Holy Souls in Purgatory was celebrated by Father Gareth Jones on Thursday 20th December at Cardiff Catholic Chaplaincy. A relic was placed upon the Altar before Holy Mass, which was a relic of Blesséd John Henry Newman, although you may not see this from the photographs. Please see the gallery below for photographs of the Mass and Absolutions at the Catafalque.

Photographs taken by Mr Patrick Smalley
Used with permission