LMS Pilgrimage to Holywell 2015

Unfortunately there will not be a coach this year from South Wales, however please contact the office for more information on 02074 047284.

Annual Pilgrimage to Holywell 2014

Here is a report which was taken from the LMS Chairman’s blog.

IMG_8809Here are some photos of the LMS Pilgrimage to Holywell, in honour of St Winefride (album on Flickr here).


St Winefride’s Well is the ‘holy well’ which gives Holywell its name, and the shrine around the well is unique in Britain as never having been destroyed. This may have something to do with the fact that it had been rebuilt by King Henry VIII’s mother. It was continuously venerated by Catholics through Penal Times – something really remarkable – and bought back by Catholics as soon as possible. As well as Catholics from Lancashire coming down, there were many from Ireland, as one can see from the inscriptions carved into the walls giving thanks for cures.


St Winefride (c.600-660) was a Welsh princess who resisted the advances of a importunate Welsh prince to the point of death, from which she was raised to life by her uncle, St Beuno. Her importance is indicated by her influence on Oxford’s Saxon princess, St Frideswide (650 to 735), who was inspired by St Winifride and whose story is parallel to hers, although St Frideswide didn’t actually suffer beheading.


The Pilgrimage to Holywell has long been one of the Latin Mass Society’s biggest annual events, and it continues to be well attended. There were about 200 people in church, where Pontifical Mass was celebrated by Abbot Paul Stonham of Belmont Abbey. His vesting in the sanctuary will enrage Mgr Basil Loftus, who has an obsession with the subject for reasons which are obscure, but into every life some rain must fall.


After Mass we processed to the Well and venerated a relic of St Winefride; this was followed by Benediction back in the church.


This is the kind of event which can only happen with the organisation and support of a national organisation like the Latin Mass Society. Over the years we have organised many Pontifical Masses here, a few years ago it was part of Bishop Rifan’s itinerary. A coach brings people from London, and others came from all over the country. There was a choir singing polyphony as well as the chant for the Mass. You can see from the photos the numerous priests who came from far and wide to make the Mass run smoothly, and a vast team of servers. These things don’t happen by themselves.




holywellMy last email seem to have only reached two people according to my statistics, so I will re-utter the same message again. If you have received this message already, please ignore it.

Unfortunately we have had to cancel our bus from Cardiff to Holywell due to a few cancellations, it was not financially viable to run our coach, however there are still several places available on the Hereford coach. Please do your best to support this pilgrimage as a lot of time and effort has been put into organising this coach and event.


As we do not have a coach from Cardiff, would anyone be willing and able to drive to Hereford?
If you are able, unable / or cannot drive please contact me on the telephone – 07905 609770 before 5pm TODAY (3rd July).
I will need to know if you are planning on attending and would like a seat reserved, NO LATER THAN 5PM (3rd July 2014)


The cost per person for the Hereford coach will be £20

I am sorry for any inconvenience caused…Mea Culpa!

In Domino

Andrew Butcher
Representative for the Latin Mass Society in Cardiff

Coaches to Holywell

Holywell – Sunday 6th July 2014


We still have a few places remaining…

There are still a few places on the Belmont coach. If you would like to go on this coach please contact Marion Luscombe on 01432 760896. The cost for this coach will be £20 per person.

We also have 8 places left from Cardiff / Cwmbran / Abergavenny. If you would like to go on this coach please contact me (Andrew) as soon as you can. The cost of this coach will be £20 per person and concessions £10 (under 18). If you have any issues with the cost of the coach, please contact me on 07905 609770. For all who have already committed themselves to the Cardiff coach, I will be in contact with you this week. God bless.

Coaches for Pilgrimage to Holywell 2014


There will be a coach leaving from Belmont Abbey to Holywell. The cost is £20 per person and for those who are not too mobile it will pick up from the Shrine so there will only be the downhill Rosary to manage. There will also be a stop on the way for those needing facilities. Please contact me if you wish to go on the Belmont coaches.

At the moment there has been very little interest in the South, with only 6 names come forward to go. At the moment we have a coach booked, but more names will need to come forward to make this pilgrimage viable. If you are interested in going from Bridgend, Cardiff, Merthyr, Newport, Cwmbran, Pontypool or Abergavenny, please contact me as soon as possible either by clicking here of by using the ‘Register for Holywell 2014’ form on the right side of this page.

Andrew Butcher



Pilgrimage to Holywell 2014

The LMS here in the Archdiocese of Cardiff are hoping to arrange a coach this year for the Annual LMS Pilgrimage to Holywell. Unfortunately in the past, this pilgrimage has been poorly attended by the Archdiocese of Cardiff, which is why we had to stop supplying a coach from the South. However, as I have been approached by a few people asking if it would be possible to organise a coach from the Archdiocese I will be willing to make the necessary arrangements. If you would like to go, please send me an email ASAP or click here to send me a message or enter your details into the form ‘Interested in Holywell 2014‘ which is located on the right side of this page (towards the bottom). The final deadline for the coach will be Monday 30th June 2014. If you know anyone who cannot see this information but would like to go, please LET ME KNOW.

A packed lunch will be required.


Venue: St Winefride’s Catholic Church, Well Street, HOLYWELL, CH8 7PL
Date: Sunday, 6 July 2014
Details: Our long-established and popular annual pilgrimage to St Winefride’s Shrine and the Holy Well in north Wales. Venue: St Winefride’s Catholic Church, Well Street, HOLYWELL CH8 7PL. Pontifical High Mass starts at 2.30pm and will be celebrated by the Abbot of Belmont. Mass will be followed by a procession to the Shrine. More details to follow.


A list of pickup /drop-off points will be posted soon. This depends on who would like to go.