Young Catholic Adults – Aylesford 2015

YCA National Weekend at Aylesford

31st Oct – 1st Nov 2015

All Masses in the Traditional Rite

Set in the heart of Kent, England, The Friars – Aylesford Priory – is an ancient religious house of the Order of Carmelites dating back to the 13th Century. Over the centuries and now today The Friars has become the destination for thousands of visitors.

At the 2015 Young Catholic Adult Weekend Pilgrimage, there will be:

  • Sung/High Masses
  • Talks, Rosaries
  • Confessions
  • Marian Procession
  • Socials

Cost for Shared Room: £89.00      Cost for Single Room: £95.00

To book on to the weekend please go to the automated booking system, CLICK HERE!

* Please note Aylesford Priory have a booking deadline of 18th September, otherwise they reserve the right to release rooms for sale to other guests as required. Also they do not allow last minute refunds so any non-arrivals and/or cancellations made up to 3 days before the event will be non-refundable.

A New Look at the Old Mass

This is a very solid talk by Father Myers, a priest form the Latin Liturgy Association in america. He also speaks on the novus ordo rubrics that says for priests to face God & not the people. This is a very interesting video which I am sure many priests would be wise to watch. If you know any, please pass it on.

Click ‘Read More‘ to view the video.